DC Studios gets new CEOs to lead their Movies, Shows, and Animation Projects


Warner Brothers sign ‘James Gunn’ and ‘Peter Safran’ as co-CEOs of DC Studios. It is a new division at Warner Bros. that will oversee divisions like movies, TV series and animation projects that DC will be producing in the future.

Peter Safran was the producer of ‘Shazam!’ and is also known for producing movies like ‘The Conjuring’.

The second CEO is James Gunn, who recently directed The Suicide Squad for DC Studios, which was a blockbuster at theaters worldwide and loved by the fans. His work was appreciated enough by the fans that DC offered him another project to direct and create ‘Peacemaker’ an HBO Max Show, which brought in lots of love for the director and finally gave the failing DC Studios and WB a direction to head forward in. Who would have that James Gunn getting canceled for his 10-year-old tweets would be the very thing that would boost his career to its peak.
When Marvel broke their ties with James Gunn for their movie in Phase 5, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume-3, DC tapped in Gunn for ‘The Suicide Squad’ which further progressed to him getting offered and directing ‘Peacemaker’.
Although James Gunn is back at Marvel Studios directing Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special and Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Now he will be getting a similar role to what Kevin Feige has at Marvel Studios, being the mastermind and planner of the movies and TV shows that lay out a wonderful storyline for the fans and viewers.