Invincible: Season 2 | Review, 5 things I liked and disliked about it

Invincible Season 2 | It's Review Time
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Omni-Man, who initially planned to harm Mark and control humans for the Viltrumite Empire, left Earth for space. Now, Mark is Earth’s protector, and in Season 2, we’ll see him trying to keep the world safe from the Viltrumites and helping other planets too. But there’s trouble from Martian Sequids who got to Earth through an astronaut. On top of all this, Mark has to deal with finishing high school and keeping his relationship with Amber going.

IMDB: 8.7
Rotten Tomatoes: 99%
It’s Review Time (Season 2): 6

Cast & Crew:

Steven Yeun as Mark Grayson
Sandra Oh as Debbie Grayson
J.K. Simmons as Nolan Grayson
Zazie Beetz as Amber Bennett
Walton Goggins as Cecil
Seth Rogen as Allen the Alien
Sterling K. Brown as Angstrom Levy
Shantel VanSanten as Anissa
Gillian Jacobs as Atom Eve
Jason Mantzoukas as Rex Splode
Chris Diamantopoulos as Donald
Kevin Michael Richardson as Mauler Twins
Khary Payton as Black Samson
Zachary Quinto as Robot

Invincible | Season 2 | Angstrom Levy | It's Review Time


The season opens with glimpses from different universes, showing Invincible and Omni-Man conquering and ruling their Earths. The key figure across all these universes is Angstrom Levy, who possesses the ability to traverse different dimensions. Determined to halt the dominance of the Grayson family, Levy seeks to unite all versions of himself to create a better existence across the multiverse.

In the main universe, following the events of Season 1, Omni-Man/Nolan Grayson, father of Invincible/Mark Grayson, brutally beats his son nearly to death before departing Earth in a storm of disappointment and anger.

Following the traumatic incident, Mark and his mother, Debbie Grayson, begin to rebuild their lives. Mark enrolls in university and relocates, while Debbie remains at home, grappling with the dual challenges of balancing her work responsibilities and finding the strength to move forward with her life.

The story dives deeper into Mark and Debbie’s lives, exploring the fates of heroes across the universe and the Viltrumite Empire’s true agenda.

Invincible | Season 2 | Mark, Nolan, Omni-Man | It's Review Time


Invincible quickly became one of Amazon Prime’s standout series, akin to The Boys, but with its own captivating narrative from the start. Following a successful Season 1, anticipation was high for the continuation of the gripping father-son dynamic. However, despite the renewal, Amazon’s marketing efforts for Season 2 were notably lackluster. Only a small, dedicated fanbase within the pop culture community was aware of the series’ return, leaving many potential viewers in the dark about its release.

Midway through Season 2, Amazon Prime Studios announced a split release strategy, delaying the second part until the next year without a set date. This decision shattered the show’s fanbase and dealt a significant blow to its momentum. When the second part finally premiered in March 2024, the audience had largely lost interest, resulting in a sharp decline in viewership.

Season 2 failed to live up to the high expectations set by its predecessor. The storyline lacked the gripping intensity of Season 1, particularly the anticipation surrounding Omni-Man’s wrath against his family. Instead, the only highlights were the minor plotlines involving Angstrom Levy, Omni-Man’s connection with Thraxan, and the Viltrumite Empire’s efforts to sway Mark into seizing control of Earth.

Invincible | Season 2 | The Guardians | It's Review Time

5 things I liked about Invincible Season 2:

  1. The Second Season of Invincible indeed delivered on breathtaking action sequences. From the intense Viltrumite Empire assault on Thraxan to the epic battles between the Guardians of the Globe and the Sequid Empire and Lizard League—whether on Mars or Earth—the season was filled with memorable fight scenes. Notably, the showdown between Invincible and Anissa stood out as a highlight, showcasing the series’ prowess in delivering thrilling action-packed moments.
  2. The Second Season of Invincible masterfully maintained continuity throughout its storyline. Seamless execution ensured that the series felt cohesive and natural, without any jarring disruptions or sense of disjointedness. Despite the time gap between seasons, the narrative flowed smoothly, providing a satisfying continuation of the overarching storylines established in the previous season.
  3. The character development in the Second Season of Invincible was truly unexpected, even for an animated series. Mark and Debbie undergo significant transformations, with their roles and personalities evolving in surprising ways.
    Mark continues to grapple with the trauma inflicted by his father, Nolan, and their brutal encounter on Thraxan only adds to his inner turmoil. The responsibility of caring for Oliver, Andressa’s son, weighs heavily on him, forcing him to make difficult choices between his superhero duties and personal life. Mark’s relationship with Amber suffers under the strain of his dual commitments, ultimately leading to their breakup. Furthermore, his encounter with Angstrom Levy leaves him fundamentally changed, altering his perspective on life and his role as a hero.
    Meanwhile, Debbie, once a loving mother whose hope was shattered by Nolan’s actions, finds new purpose in caring for Oliver. Taking on the responsibility of raising Nolan’s son, she undergoes a remarkable transformation, stepping up to support both Oliver and Mark. Her journey reflects resilience and growth as she navigates the challenges of rebuilding her family amidst the chaos unleashed by Nolan.
  4. The confrontation between Anissa and Mark in Second Season was vividly showcased the formidable power and prowess of Viltrumites. While Omni-Man’s strength has been prominently displayed, Anissa’s agility and speed demonstrated another facet of their capabilities. Despite not possessing Omni-Man’s raw strength, Anissa proved herself to be a formidable opponent, easily overpowering Invincible with her swift and calculated attacks. Her ability to swiftly dispatch a sea monster that had posed a challenge to Mark highlighted the sheer danger posed by Viltrumites in a potential invasion scenario. This intense battle served as a stark reminder of the looming threat Earth faces from these powerful beings.
  5. The exploration of multiversal themes in the Second Season added a unique and refreshing dimension to the series. While the concept of multiverses has been prevalent in various other franchises like Marvel and DC, Invincible’s take on it offered a fresh perspective.
    One intriguing aspect was the revelation that most universes had fallen under the dominion of Mark and Nolan, except for the one we were following closely. This twist added an element of mystery and complexity to the storyline.
    Another fascinating element was the portrayal of Angstrom Levy as a singular Nexus being connected to multiple bodies. Each variant of Levy witnessed their universe’s downfall at the hands of the Grayson family, prompting them to enhance their abilities and knowledge. The depiction of Levy’s transformation in the first episode, with a massive brain extending from his back, was both visually striking and conceptually intriguing, setting the stage for further exploration of his character and the multiverse.
Invincible | Season 2 | Angstrom Levy | It's Review Time

5 things I disliked about Invincible Season 2:

  1. In Season 2 of Invincible, the storytelling pace seemed to slow compared to the high-octane intensity of Season 1. Unlike the gripping anticipation surrounding Omni-Man’s arc in the previous season, the buildup in Season 2 felt less compelling. The narrative lacked a clear endpoint to drive excitement, and while Angstrom Levy’s character development was significant, it didn’t generate the same level of anticipation as Omni-Man’s storyline. As a result, some viewers may have found Season 2 less engaging overall.
  2. Season 1 of Invincible thrilled audiences with its frequent and captivating action sequences, showcasing the heroics of Invincible as he defended Earth. However, Season 2 took a different approach, placing a stronger emphasis on character development for established characters. While this allowed for deeper exploration of Mark, Debbie, Nolan, Atom, Amber, Immortal, Robot, and others, some viewers may have found the shift away from action-oriented storytelling less engaging. The ongoing struggles and growth of these characters may have contributed to a slower pace and a perceived decrease in excitement for some viewers.
  3. The lack of marketing effort and investment from Amazon Prime Studios was undoubtedly a significant setback for the series. On a random day, we see a video of Robert Kirkman (creator of Invincible, along with more stories like The Walking Dead and few Marvel Comics as well) shows up on Amazon’s social media account announcing the second season. Unlike other shows that receive extensive promotion and hype on social media platforms, Invincible’s second season announcement seemingly appeared out of nowhere, with minimal fanfare. The teasers, trailers, and the entire series were released without much information or effort to build anticipation among viewers. This lack of promotion stood in stark contrast to the marketing strategies employed for lesser-performing series in India and left many fans feeling disappointed by the missed opportunity to generate excitement for Invincible’s return.
  4. Splitting the series into two parts was arguably one of the worst decisions made by the producers and creators of Invincible. By premiering the first part in November 2023 and then waiting until March 2024 to release the second part, the momentum and excitement generated by the first half were significantly diminished. This extended gap, coupled with the abundance of other content released during that time, caused many viewers to lose interest in the series altogether. Releasing all episodes weekly or dropping them all at once, similar to Amazon’s approach with Fallout, could have helped maintain engagement and prevent the loss of interest experienced with the split release strategy. Hopefully, if there’s a third season of Invincible in 2026, the producers will reconsider their release approach to keep the audience engaged throughout the entire season.
  5. It’s clear that the first season of Invincible left a more lasting impression on you compared to the second season. Memorable moments such as the shocking massacre of the Guardians by Omni-Man, Mark’s early learning curves as Invincible, his relationships with his friends and fellow Guardians, and the intense showdown between Mark and Nolan have stayed with you vividly. However, the second season may not have left as strong of an impact, with fewer standout moments that resonated with you. It’s natural for different seasons of a series to vary in their impact, and it’s understandable to feel that the first season had more memorable moments overall.
Invincible | Season 2 | Nolan Grayson, Omni-Man | It's Review Time