Marvel Studios The Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 | Trailer and Review

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3

After a long wait since Comic-Con in October 2022 in October 2022, where the audience present there were showed the trailer. Marvel Studios releases the trailer of ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3’ worldwide in the Comic-Con Experience, Brazil.
The movie is rumored to complete and end the trilogy of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Also, the director, James Gunn is expected to end his venture with Marvel Studios and head to the rival competitor, DC to build their universe and stories as the DC Studios Co-CEO.
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Right in the first scene, we see the Guardians in their new ship, ‘Bowie’ (named after ‘David Bowie‘), landing on a planet that looks like Earth because of the houses that are built there, but the people living there are aliens. This planet is called Counter-Earth in the comics. And then we see Drax (Dave Bautista) interacting with the little humanoid girl in his manner, and soon all the Guardians are treated by the people on Counter-Earth.

In the comics, Counter-Earth is a planet that revolves in the same orbit as Earth but on the opposite of Earth-616. It was created by the High Evolutionary (which will be portrayed by ‘Chukwudi Iwuji‘ in the movie), who also seems to be the main antagonist of the movie. High Evolutionary’s original name in the comics is Herbert Wyndham, who is a normal human being and does not have any such powers. Herbert has an eagerness to learn and evolve animals take them on to their next evolution stage, and make them humanoid. After creating these humanoids, he shifts them to the Counter-Earth. And to protect his evolved animals, the High Evolutionary keeps Adam Warlock (the character will be portrayed by ‘Will Poulter‘ in the movie) as their protector.


In the next scene, we see a Raccoon in a cage being grabbed by someone, most probably by High Evolutionary and the Raccoon could be Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper). This might be his backstory showing how the High Evolutionary experimented on him and created what he is today. Also, it looks like the origin story of Rocket Raccoon could be changed in the Marvel Universe and movie.

The next scene takes us to the shot where we see the Guardians in some space suits and jumping out of a spaceship. The planet or the mass of land they jump onto seems like is made of muscles, tissues, DNA, and various other human or animal bodily structures. In the background, we even see a single strand of hair and a DNA Helical structure in the trailer’s timestamp – 01:11. And exactly in the next shot, we even see a glimpse of a High Evolutionary standing behind a girl running in a loop.

And in the next shot, we see a scalpel having a drop of blood on it and Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) screaming as he is either being experimented upon or he is trying to save someone, as we see a tube next to him.

Adam Warlock Will Poulter

And after that, we get to see a glimpse of Adam Warlock. Adam comes straight up and we see him attacking Nebula (Karen Gillan).
In the comics, Adam Warlock had a connection with the Soul Stone. But as the Infinity Stones do not exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe anymore, it will be interesting to see what he has on his head now.

Finally, the trailer for The Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 was really good than expected. The entire trailer sets up a vibe of we are going to lose someone in the movie, it could be Rocket Raccoon or Drax (as Dave Bautista said in an interview that he has fulfilled his goal of killing Thanos in Avengers: Endgame and he has no further interest in representing the role of Drax any further). Still, it would be interesting to see who survives and who dies in the adventure of Volume 3. But at last, it looks like we will be on an emotional ride in this movie.

The Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 3
will release on 5th May 2023