The Flash | Trailer Review, Breakdown: Michael Keaton, Supergirl, 2 Flash

The Flash Trailer

After a long wait, we will finally be getting ‘The Flash’ movie, which was delayed for 5 years. Initially, the movie was set to release on 23 March 2018. Finally, we will see Barry Allen return to the big screen for his stand-alone film on 16 June 2023.
James Gunn has confirmed that ‘the movie ‘The Flash’ will be the movie that will reset the DC Universe, which will become the new beginning of the new DC Universe.

Trailer Breakdown and Review:

The film is based on comics and an animated film – ‘Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox‘, where Flash travels to a universe where his mother is alive. But later when he starts exploring that universe, Barry Allen realizes that in his universe, he never got his powers of super speed. Batman in this universe is Thomas Wayne and it was Bruce who died on that particular night. And later as events start to unfold, we see that Atlantis and Themyscira are at war, which has resulted in World War 3. If you have not watched it yet, I will surely recommend it to you. What a wonderful animated universe DC has created. Hope DC Studios does the same for live-action movies.
(Don’t worry, ‘The Flash’ is merely inspired by it and hardly has any similarities with Flashpoint).

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

The trailer begins where we see Barry Allen/Flash (Ezra Miller) standing in front of his house where his mother, Nora Allen (Maribel Verdu) was killed and his father, Henry Allen (Ron Livingston replacing Billy Crudup from Justice League and Zack Snyder’s cut) was charged for the murder of his wife/Barry’s mother.
In the background we see Batman (Michael Keaton) talking to Flash that he could have gone to any universe with his powers, but why did he choose this universe? To which Barry Allen replies that this timeline is where his mom lives.

Flash in front of his house

And within a few seconds, we see Batman on his Batcycle following a police car and chasing someone. Here we can see it is Ben Affleck‘s Batman as we see the blue cape and smaller ears. It could be the lead-up to the main plot point from where the movie gets its big twist.

Ben Affleck Batman, The Flash

There are many moments of color shifting for Barry Allen from Blue-to-Red signifying the speed and lightning of Flash. In the comics, red and yellow mean the fastest speedster, whereas blue and purple signify the slower speedster.
Till the Justice League or even Zack Snyder’s cut, we saw Flash having Blue lightning while he ran but it appears that in this movie, Flash is even quicker than before.

Then we later see a hand filled with bruises, and that hand is of Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton). As he touches the picture of his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne.
Later we see the main Barry running into the Barry of the alternate universe, who is confused as he looks at Barry from the main universe. In the alternate universe, Barry Allen does not have any powers and is not aware of any metahumans. So even the thought of various timelines and multiversal entities confuses him. We even see the main Barry wearing his ring, which contains his Flash suit.
Later in the trailer we even see his ring rotating and containing his suit.

Barry Allen Flash ring, The Flash movie

We later see Barry Allen talking to Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) about how he could fix everything in his life. And then Bruce warns Barry about how he could even destroy everything in his life.

Ben Affleck, Batman, The Flash movie

We see Zod (Michael Shannon) returning in this movie where he is after the Kryptonian, Kara Zor-El. The last time we saw Zod was in ‘The Man of Steel‘ where he fought against Superman/Kal-El (Henry Cavill). We revisit the events from the perspective of Barry Allen, whereas we saw the event of Superman vs Zod through the perspective of Bruce Wayne in ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice‘.
It appears like in this movie, we will be seeing Zod vs Supergirl as the main event happening instead of Aquaman vs Wonder Woman in the movies and comics.
We later see that Zod going to fight against the US military, whereas, in Man of Steel, we saw Zod taking away Superman to resolve his issues and not have any conflicts with the US military (at least initially).

Zod, Michael Shannon, The Flash movie

In the next frame, we see Kara Zor-El (Sasha Calle) shivering and lying in the government facility where she is kept hidden and is being tested on by scientists. The facility appears to be in Russia, as we later see on Kara’s prison dress having prints written in the Russian Language. The contrast between Man of Steel is that Superman’s ship landed on a farm, where he was adopted by a loving couple who raised him to be a good person.
Unlike Flashpoint, where we saw Superman in the government facility hidden in the Metropolis City, USA where his ship crashed.

Supergirl, Sasha Calle, Kara Zor-El, The Flash movie

And now moving onto one of the best scenes of the trailer, we see Michael Keaton representing his role of Bruce Wayne/Batman after 31 years. The last time we saw Michael Keaton as Batman was in Tim Burton‘s Batman Returns.
We see Barry Allens in the Batcave and confronting the masked vigilante as Batman. And we see the Barry Allen of the alternate universe faint and fall on the ground. Meanwhile, we see the same Batmobile and design as we saw in Tim Burton’s Batman movies.
In the next clip, Batman deep dives and fights with some armed men. The place where Batman looks like in front of a lab. Most probably the same we see Flash was inside in the trailer.

Michael Keaton, Batman, Bruce Wayne, The Flash Movie

Later in the trailer, we see Batman (Ben Affleck) on his Batcycle chasing an armed Humvee and at the back, it looks like the crime is occurring at Metropolis as most of the buildings in the background are under construction.
From there we move onto Supergirl carrying a version of Barry Allen in her arms around the gloomy sky.
In the Flashpoint, we see that Barry Allen who has transferred himself to a different universe does not have his powers. So to get back his powers, he tries to get struck by lightning with the help of Thomas Wayne, where he fails at his first attempt and nearly makes out of it alive. And on his second attempt, he comes out successful and gets his powers again.
Similarly, it looks like Supergirl is helping Barry Allen of the alternate universe to get the powers of Flash.

Supergirl, Kara Zor-el, Flash, Barry Allen, The Flash movie

We later see the ground crumbling in front of ‘Martha Wayne Institue’ and an ambulance of Gotham City Hospital. Barry climbs and runs on a wall as the building shatters. Michale Keaton as Batman falls down and takes out his Batarang.
Later we see the two Flash running in the desert and fighting against Zod and his army. As the Flash from the main universe wears his costume and has red-yellowish lightning across him. The Flash from the alternate universe wears Batsuit, probably borrowed from Batman (Michael Keaton), and has spray-painted the symbol of lightning on his boots, and has blue lightning across him, representing that he is not as fast as the Flash from the main universe currently.

Two Flash, The Flash movie

Later we see a Batarang in the sky attached to a wire, probably helping to get Barry Allen from the alternate universe to get his powers.
We see Zod getting punched by Kara Zor-El as his shield across his face wobbles.
Flash from the main universe creates a tornado and uses it against the people he is fighting against.
And then we get to see Batman (Ben Affleck) wearing one of the comic-accurate suits. As he wears Grey Batsuit, Blue Cape, Yellow utility belt, and mesh-armored plating across his body he grapples onto the Humvee as he chases the men in them.

Ben Affleck, Batman, The Flash movie

We see the alternate Flash kicking someone, maybe the third Flash that is rumored to be the main villain of this movie.

Third Flash, The Flash movie

We later see Flash panicking and asking Batman (Michael Keaton) about what should they do, to which Batman replies ‘we try not to die’, lowers his hand and we see Kara Zor-El in the sky as the soldiers fire on her. And then Kara fights against them and saves Batman and Flash. And with all the snow and snowy mountains around them, the facility looks to be in Russia. And even later in the scene, we see Kara wearing clothes on which there is written something in the Russian language.
Similar to the incident in Flashpoint, where we see Cyborg, Flash, and Batman (Thomas Wayne) save Superman and later the soldiers start firing on them, and Superman saves them all.

Kara Zor-El, Batman, The Flash Movie
Flash, Supergirl, The Flash movie

Unlike the Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, we might not get to see a similar ending where Flash brings back a letter from Thomas Wayne for Bruce Wayne, but instead, we could see Flash ending up in a different timeline where we could see a new Batman and various other new characters which will begin the DC Studios’ DC Universe, of which the slate was announced a few weeks ago.

The Flash
will release on 16 June 2023