Big Breaking News for DC Universe and its fans

DC Universe

According to one of the most trusted sources, website, reporters, and scoopers – ‘The Hollywood Reporter‘, who has done really accurate findings for Marvel Studios, DC Universe, and other projects of DC, along with various famous franchises came up with some serious and sad news for DC and DC Universe fans.

DC Cinematic Universe

The movie that was in pre-production, ‘Wonder Woman 3’ has been canceled and there are no further reports if we will soon see Gal Gadot reprising her role as Wonder Woman in any upcoming DCU project.

Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot

Even after returning to his role as Superman in ‘Black Adam‘, there are no plans that DC Studios have for Henry Cavill to return to play his role.
Also, there have been reports that Henry Cavill has shot his cameos for the upcoming DC Universe movie, ‘The Flash‘. But it is still unclear if the movie makers will keep that scene in the final produced movie or not.

Superman Black Suit
Henry Cavill

After several rumors going around and fans speculations, Jason Momoa might play the anti-hero Lobo in the DC Universe along than his current role of Aquaman.

Jason Momoa

Ben Affleck’s role as Batman has been cut out from ‘Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom’. Along with Ben Affleck, the role of William Dafoe as ‘Nudis Vulko’ has been cut out as well.

James Gunn
Peter Safran
DC Studios

As per many reports, ‘James Gunn‘ and ‘Peter Safran‘ have mapped out a 10-year plan, which now awaits approval from ‘David Zaslav‘. The official announcement for the DC Universe will be made in January 2023.
So, it will be best for all the fans to not pay attention to anything before that.