The Walking Dead | Review and 5 things I Liked and Disliked about it

The Walking Dead Season 11


The world we know is gone. An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe causing the dead to rise and feed on the living. In a matter of months, the world has crumbled. In a world ruled by the dead, we are forced to finally start living. Following the story of Rick Grimes, we get to see how it is to be walking among the dead.

IMDB: 8.1
Rotten Tomatoes: 80%


Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), a police officer in Atlanta, Georgia gets wounded by gunshots when he is with his team and a friend, Shane (Jon Bernthal), who are trying to stop burglars running away in a car. From that gun wounds, Rick Grimes gets severely injured and goes into a coma.
Fast forward to a few months later, we see that Rick wakes up in a hospital, his beard has grown out, flowers next time have dried, medical support machines are off, and it seems like there is no electricity in the hospital. Rick gets out of his bed and begs for help from a nurse, but there is no one there to help the man who just got out of a coma.
As Rick manages to move out of his room in the hospital, he finds that his hospital floor is completely torn apart. As Rick moves forwards to seek help from anyone he could find on the premises, he gets to witness some visuals that are so horrifying to the core that Rick does not even realize how he can react to them.
Rick escapes the hospital and sees that not just the world but the entire world is torn apart. Now Rick just gets onto a bike lying around and rushes to his home to check out his family without caring about the things he sees while traveling back home. His son, Carl (Chandler Riggs), and Lori (Sarah Wayne Callis) is not there, he starts crying just by the thought of imagining his family dead. While he is crying, a kid smacks a shovel in his face and knocks him unconscious.

Hospital Scene TWD Season 1 Episode 1

“This is how we survive. We are The Walking Dead”
-Rick Grimes

There we see the kid, Duane Jones (Adrian Kali Turner), and his father, Morgan Jones (Lennie James) tell him how the world has fallen apart. No one knows how it started, but the governments and militaries of every nation have fallen apart and the ones who are still alive are on their own now. Morgan explains to Rick about the ‘Walkers’, and how his family could be at a military outpost.
From there, Ricks starts his expedition to find his family and heads toward the city of Atlanta. From there, we see the fight for the survival of Rick and the people he meets on his journey of not just finding his family back but living a good and secure life. We see the challenges Rick and his friends face, and also the people he meets who do not have the same intentions as them.

“You really think you’re gonna take this community from us? From Glenn? From Michonne? From Daryl? From me? Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?”
-Rick Grimes


The Walking Dead has 11 season spread out with many episodes per season. So if you are switching in now, fasten your seat belts and be prepared for a really long journey ahead of you.
The Walking Dead is the first thriller-horror show I watched and I straightaway got addicted to its direction, storytelling, action, and everything one can expect from a good zombie show. I was a bit hesitant before starting a show as I did not like the logic of dead zombies running, but this show had a clear perspective of what a dead person rising again should be like.
The show tends to have a great story for the viewers who not just love a zombie or apocalypse story but also a survival one as well. The story is spread throughout a long time period so the show runners and directors of the show take ample of time to explore the world of the zomibe apocalypse. Yes, it might feel that the show just keeps on going on and feels like forever to end.

“The Pain doesn’t go away. You just make room for it.”
-Andrea Harrison (Laurie Holden)

Also, this show is not for weak hearted people. It have many scenes which might scare or even traumatize people to some extent. CGI in the show is mostly decent, but there are a couple of shots that are really disappointing and look really bad on screen. The makeup for action sequences, walkers, and various other character is excellent.
Whenever there a new character appears, his aura feels completely new and will not ever feel like a particular character is similar to some other character we saw in the past. If a character owns a weapon, it will always feel like they are a master of it. Whether it is Rick Grimes who uses a Python/Revolver, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) who uses a Crossbow, Michonne (Danai Gurira) who has a Japanese Sword, Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) who uses a Sniper Rifle, and lets not talk about Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who swings his baseball bat which is wrapped with barbed wire.
The Walking Dead has its fair share of inconsistencies. We never get to see son of Morgan, Duane again in the show. Neither do we completely get to know what happened to him and where he went, all we know is his father lost himself to the feeling of being alone and lost in the apocalypse. Same goes for many other character as well. We do not know what happened to Dwight (Austin Amelio), right hand man of Negan, crosses over to the other of The Walking Dead Universe, to the show – Fear The Walking Dead. Morgan to crossed over to FTWD, but the problem with that show was that it was too boring and had so many actors who could not deliver what the show needed that their acting dragged the story of entire show down. So it was really hard to keep up with that show and unfortunately I had to give up watching that series after 4th season. And also, none of the character made any specific relevance to the main show, The Walking Dead.
Also there are a few character from the main show who disappeared and we never saw them again. These characters are Heath (played by Corey Hawkins, around Season 6 and 7), Virgil (played by Kevin Caroll, in Season 10), Rick and Michonne- the main lead themselves (from season 9 and 10 respectively).

Sophia TWD Season 2

“People out there are always looking for an angel. Looking to play on your weakness….”
-Rick Grimes

There were many moments when show lost its momentum and even fan following. The Walking Dead has the best pilot episode I have ever watched, and even the first season itself was one of the best opening season for any show ever at that time. But as the story continues forward, the show tends to slow down and has many pacing issues for its story. It feels like the show is stalling for the mid-season break to give us a cliffhanger.
My personal favorite seasons were Season 1- I could not believe that there are show that deep dive into such a topic of an apocalypse and survival, Season 5 to Season 7- the character development of Rick Grimes becoming a complete savage and portraying a complete Alpha personality, and then comes Negan who tears every single bit of Rick’s confidence apart. And since then, the show has not been as good as it used to be. Even the showrunner, Scott Gimple got fired because of his pacing issues and Angela Kang took over. But even Angela has not been successful enough to bring in the charm The Walking Dead used to have.

TWD Season 3

“People you love, they made you who you are. They’re still part of you. If you stop being you, that last bit of them that’s still around inside, who you are, it’s gone.”
-Glenn Rhee

The Series Finale:

If someone would have said me a few years ago that The Walking Dead will have an open ended series finale from where it will lead to more shows expanding to the world of the walkers, I would have been excited to watch more of it. But the way The Walking Dead has been since Rick Grimes disappeared with Jadis, it has been in a downfall since then.
We see that Daryl gives transfers his blood to Judith (Cailey Fleming) as she was shot in the 23rd episode by Pamela Milton (Laila Robins), and there Judith lost a lot of blood. We see every crucial member from the Alexandria gathering at that hospital where Daryl, Carol and Judith were. Some members even lost their lives as there was a big hoard that invaded the Commonwealth.

“You may think this place is not worth saving, but it’s worth it to me.”
-Ezekiel (Khary Payton)

In attempt to getting with the group, Rosita (Christian Serratos), Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and Gabriel are set on their way to the hospital. On their way, the 3 survivors get surrounded by walkers, although Eugene and Gabriel get safely on the floor above but Rosita gets bit but somehow manages to get with her friends.
General Mercer (Michael James Shaw) then arrests Pamela Milton on the charges and allegations of abandoning her people and leaving them for the walkers, and also shooting a kid, Judith along with various other crimes. As there is herd of walkers out on the boundaries of Commonwealth, the survivors plan to escape it and let walkers enter the premises so that they can blow-up the herd in an explosion. From there, our survivors move to Alexandria.
We see that Rosita and Luke Abrams (Dan Fogler) pass away and in an year time jump, we see how Alexandria has developed and expanded. From there, Daryl is set on his expedition along with Negan and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) who are on expedition of their own.
And at last, we see Rick Grimes again, stranded on an Island near a city, on other hand Michonne who is in a warrior costume riding a horse and killing a hoard of walkers.
Angela Kang has tried to revive the show, maybe she has not put her best effort to revive a show that used to be one of the best, but The Walking Dead never reached the hype and fame it used to have.

“You’re gonna miss me so bad when I am gone.”
-Beth Greene

5 things I liked about The Walking Dead:

No doubt it one of the most famous shows, or used to be one of the most. Out of all The Walking Dead shows, the original one has been the best of all of them, whether it was Fear The Walking Dead, or The Walking Dead: World Beyond, or Tales of The Walking Dead. I might be a little biased in my review but this will always remain one of my favorite. Anyways, here are picks for the things I liked about The Walking Dead.

  1. It has one of the best story arcs of all the zombie, or apocalypse shows out there. It was a brave move from AMC to stick with continuing the show and its story despite what complaints critics and viewers had with it. The way the story has character developments in it was a wonderful experience to watch over the years. We all know the character arcs and developments of Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, brother of Daryl- Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) who tried to kill the Governor (David Morrissey), who was being a trouble for Daryl and his friends, but instead got killed himself instead.
    But the best character development was of Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) who went from a weak, shy woman who was physically abused by her husband and lost her daughter to becoming a woman who is ready to kill her enemies whenever her friends are in danger. Also, the character development of Gabriel Stokes (Seth Gilliam), the priest the group met in Season 5, from being a weak, scared priest who has been hiding inside his Church since the apocalypse started to becoming a person who was ready to take any responsibility his friends and group had for him.

“We’ve been praying together. Praying that God will save our town. Well, our prayers have been answered. God will save Alexandria because God has given us the courage to save it ourselves.”
-Father Gabriel Stokes

  1. The action sequences of the show were really great to watch and enjoy. Not just a few sequences but right from the start of the show. The showrunner maintain the action sequence quality and keep on bringing new ideas of killing walkers and even the survivors. And for someone who enjoys behind the scene work of creation and making of an action sequence, they will fall in love with how hard working crew The Walking Dead has had over the years. I know people really got upset and disgusted by the death of Glenn and Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz), but it was an absolute beauty for people who want to learn about CGI and makeup for facial changes.

“My mercy prevails over my wrath.”
-Rick Grimes

  1. The director and the talent they show are absolutely brilliant and the gem of the show. It started with Frank Darabont and was carried forward by Greg Nicotero for a long time. These directors are so good with how they are narrating the story, and how they want their characters to look like, the amount of tension and intensity a scene need is perfectly precise. If acting and crew work is the main essence of the show, the directors of the show are the cherry on top. Especially, the work Greg Nicotero does in designing his characters and even the walkers are just a masterpiece.

“Nightmares end. They shouldn’t end who you are.”
-Bob Stookey (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.)

  1. The show discussed how everyone will try their best to be a good person until they are in serious need for something. We see the group how they had to fight different people when their needs were aligned and they had limited resources. The group fights for food, water shelter throughout the series and this is something we saw in real life when the world was hit by the pandemic. Every person on Earth became selfish and greedy instead of planning and using resources. This topic was discussed on the show for so long.
    Not just resources but also how basic skills and talent one has can be used in times of great danger.
  2. Unlike many popular Movies, Shows, and Franchises that implement and force a strong character on female leads lack the depth of character and somehow make their female lead look like undeserving of what she gains. The Walking Dead gives us the best example of how strong female leads are created. Despite the gender or race of characters, The Walking Dead focuses on building strong characters and evolving them even if they do not seem gifted enough for the harsh world they are in. We saw many characters like Michonne, Maggie, Beth, Rosita, Connie (Lauren Ridloff), and many such characters evolving with time and being a person that a community or even a group of people can depend upon.
Rick vs Negan Season 8

“Little Pig, Little Pig!!! Let me in and there you are.”

5 things I disliked about The Walking Dead:

No doubt The Walking Dead is one of the best series that came out on AMC or any television channel. But the series lacked in many aspects which led to drop in viewership over the years. Here are my picks on where The Walking Dead lacked.

  1. The pacing of the show was one of the main reasons why people kept on leaving the show. The showrunners, especially Scott Gimple used to stall till the mid-season finale to progress and come to a conclusion with the plot that was being told. The show took 11 seasons and still could not complete its story. Instead, the ending of the show leads to further expansion of the main series. It might be good news for some and bad for some. But for me, the main story of The Walking Dead should have come to a conclusion. It seems too extensive and lengthy that the showrunners could not finish the story in 12 years.
    Even if the franchise is expanding, The Walking Dead has never had any luck with its other series. Whether it was Fear The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, or The Tales of The Walking Dead, they never had any luck with any of them. Neither they were successful enough to get viewership, nor they were successful in getting good ratings.
  2. The show becomes predictable after a point in the show. The storyline keeps on repeating and there are quite predictable events that keep on occurring.
    Whenever a character starts getting more screen time, it means that character is going to die.
    Whenever our main group reaches a community, there will soon be a conflict between them and the original owners that will lead our main group to take over that community, and soon it will be destroyed as well.
    And there are many such hints a viewer can pick while watching the show.
  3. There are so many characters that are regularly introduced throughout the series and every episode that except for the main characters, we hardly get to know other characters in depth. Even if they are getting built by the show, it eventually leads to their death.
  4. Sometimes the writers and directors tend to cross their line for what they can and can not show on a TV show. Yes, they want to keep the show close to reality but they cross the creative liberty many times. People have been offended and even traumatized by the kills, sexual violence, and many such things the show has been showing to its viewers.
  5. Even if they build a character to a great extent that it becomes a fan favorite, the writers make sure to kill the hype of that character and make it look dumb even if the character survives. Rick Grimes was built to be one of the greatest characters anyone has ever seen in Seasons 5 to 6, but soon when the new baddie arrives, Negan, Rick loses all his confidence and the character development he has had over the years of being a badass to becoming a weak coward who started to grudge over the loss of his friends and never took his revenge.
    The same goes for Negan who comes out of the wild, slams and kills some people of Rick’s, and tortures even his own people but is soon made a joke of by the writers. We never get to see him slay the way he used to in Seasons 7 and 8. For the rest of the seasons, he looks like a coward, a weak person who once used to make people shiver with just his name.
Alpha killing TWD Season 9-10

“Look at the flowers.”

Future for The Walking Dead Universe:

As the shows ending remains open ended and we see many characters heading out for their expedition while there are some who are already out in The Walking Dead universe from quite sometime like- Morgan, Dwight, Rick, Michonne, and many others who disappeared and might come back again.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7

Currently the ongoing series of The Walking Dead Universe are Fear The Walking Dead and Tales of The Walking Dead. We will soon see the announcement of their next seasons and their stories will continue.

Daryl Dixon Ending Season 11 Episode 24

At the end of the series finale, we see Daryl Dixon riding his bike, leaving Alexandria for his further adventures. We will be seeing Daryl Dixon again in his standalone TWD series, ‘The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon’. We might see him meet new people out in the world and even some people he might already know, maybe Rick or Michonne or even someone from Fear The Walking Dead. And currently, we don’t even know where Leah Shaw (Lynn Collins) is, the love interest of Daryl from Season 10-11.
The release date of the show is yet to be announced. So stay tuned to It’s Review Time to get the latest updates for The Walking Dead franchise.

The Walking Dead: Dead City

We will be seeing Negan and Maggie in the upcoming series- The Walking Dead: Dead City. After a long grudge Maggie had for Negan, and at last forgiving him in the series finale, these two will be heading out to the New York city. As per rumors, these two will be meeting new people and as we know, the tradition of TWD will lead them into some trouble as well.
Will they meet Rick, as we saw Rick stranded on an island near a city, possibly New York? We will soon get to know when we get to watch the show. The show is set to air in April 2023. So it not too long before we get to see our beloved characters again on the TV.

Tales of The Walking Dead

The show, Tales of The Walking Dead was premiered back in August 2023. As the show was not really well received by the audience, there has not been any further announcement regarding the show.
Will the show be cancelled, or will it be renewed? No one knows about it currently, but I think The Walking Dead franchise will be given a few more chances to improve their story and make a better comeback for their TWDfandom.

Rick and Michonne

And at last, the most awaited characters of The Walking Dead Universe, Rick and Michonne will be coming back to reprise their roles in their spinoff series. ‘The Walking Dead: Rick and Michonne series’ is rumoured to premier in the year 2023.
But as for their story, we will get to see what happened to Rick after he was saved by Jadis and she took him away in the helicopter and as she said- Rick is a Beta, not an Alpha. What will it mean and what happened that lead Rick on that island. And yet again, the tussle of chasing and being chased continues for our ‘Helicopter-Man’.
And as for Michonne, we saw her meeting Virgil and then going from that island to a place where she met a few people and boarded the helicopter with them. What led Michonne to be alone in a warrior suit, riding a horse all by herself, we will soon see her as all our questions will be addressed and answered in their upcoming series.

Rick and Dayl

“We are not The Walking Dead.”
-Daryl Dixon

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