HBO’s The Last of Us Trailer released, along with its Review

The Last of Us Series

After a month of releasing the teaser, HBO released the trailer for their upcoming series of one of the best story-mode video games, The Last of Us. The series is set to release on HBO Max in the United States of America.
As of now, it is not confirmed on which platform the series will stream. But considering the recent partnership of HBO for their HBO Max content and projects, the series will most likely stream on Amazon Prime Videos.
Other HBO TV Channel contents are available on Disney Plus Hotstar in India.

The Last of Us trailer Review:

The trailer starts with showing us a glimpse of Pedro Pascal who will be playing the role of ‘Joel’, and the next scene is directly of the abandoned alleyway. The trailer progresses further and shows us glimpses of how the new world looks like in The Last of Us. We see Bella Ramsey playing the role of ‘Ellie’ who is being smuggled and transported to some location by Joel.
They later discuss how many people are turning into monsters. And then we see the wonderful reenactment by Ellie of how people turn when they are bit.
We see people being captured and moved by the military to safer places as they barge into their moves and load them into trucks. Later we see the duo of Ellie and Joel going through many adventures which we will get to see more in the series.
The last shot shows us what the grave dangers the survivors in the series will be facing. The big monsters that have turned into zombies. It will be exciting to see how the duo survives in this world and how they tackle such monsters.

The Last of Us series premiers on HBO Max
on 15th January 2023