Jack Ryan Season 3 | Review, 5 things I liked and disliked about it

Jack Ryan Season 3
Jack Ryan Season 3


In the third season of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Jack races against time and across Europe to stop a rogue faction within the Russian Government from restoring the Soviet Empire and starting World War 3.

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The Season 3 of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan begins right back from the end of Season 2 where we saw Jack Ryan (John Krasinski) departing for Eastern Europe in the Czech Republic and Russia. In Season 3 we see some group of extremists trying to plan a coup against the Russian President (Mikhail Safronov) and group together to bond the lost territories of Russia even if their deeds lead to the initiation of World War 3.
Meanwhile, we see how Jack Ryan discovers all the events with the help of his colleagues and friends – James Greer (Wendell Pierce), Mike November (Michael Kelly), Elizabeth Wright (Betty Gabriel), and his new Russian ally Luka Gocharov (James Cosmo).

Jack Ryan Season 3


Jack Ryan returns with a new season on Amazon Prime Videos after 3 years. Although the Season 2 of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan was the least memorable season, I had to watch a recap of Season 2 as I had a hard time remembering what took place in Season 2.
Even though Season 3 was much better than Season 2 as it was surely much more memorable and engaging for the audience. It was hard to grasp from where Season 2 ended and in what context it lead to the start of Season 3.
The show cuts and continues between the present and past where we see Jack Ryan dealing with his problems and tasks, and on other hand, we see Luka Gocharov as a young adult committing unforgettable crimes with his army troops on the orders of his senior army Generals. It becomes a hassle to remember all the characters as there are many people involved in the army and government of the countries involved.
Although the story is much more interesting than the previous season, but after a few episodes the events become predictable and start getting boring as the viewer knows what an event occurring will lead up to.
And for the rest of the season, the action sequences were really good, especially the one where we see Jack Ryan saving the army crew and planning with them on way he can destroy the nuclear weapon in the tunnel.
The third season lacks a bit in the pacing of the story. The cinematography remains more than decent as there were hardly any scenes that had any difficulty in viewing. Also, I think the show can improve in its background score as there are many dull moments that could have been helped by good background music.

Jack Ryan

5 things I liked about Jack Ryan Season 3:

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan has been a rollercoaster with their content and storyline. It has not been the best espionage series out on streaming services but it has shown many signs of being the potential to become one of the best. Nevertheless, here are a few things I liked about Season 3 of Jack Ryan:

  1. The action sequences were much improved from previous seasons. John Krasinski looked much fitter for the role and looked much more engaging in the action sequences. As Jack Ryan was on the run mostly in the entire season, the circumstances in which he kept on landing were unexpected for a few episodes.
  2. The show has expanded its reach this time and has gone further in Eastern Europe. At first, after watching the trailer, I thought that the show will be more inclined toward the Russia-Ukraine war and will have a narrative against Russia or will be promoting some agenda in any manner. But after watching the show, the writers did much better by having Russians involved but in a manner where there are a few elements who have a motive of recapturing the lost parts of the Soviet Union and had their planned atomic bomb project as the ‘Sokol Project’.
  3. The writers made the task of watching and enjoying the series much better for its viewers by having the cast of various nations talk and converse mostly in English. It becomes a hassle for a few viewers of reading the subtitles and watching what is going along as well. Even if there are subtitles for a few scenes that showed us the past, they were kept minimal and had a decent time space in the dialogues.
  4. The show keeps on bringing something or other new, various twists in their stories that it keeps on bringing the viewers’ attention back to the show and keeps them wanting to know more despite how boring and uninteresting it gets.
  5. Not just John Krasinski, but other supporting actors play their limited roles perfectly and portray the best display of acting and they can give an attempt even if the story does not do justice to their talents.
Jack Ryan Season 3

5 things I disliked about Jack Ryan Season 3:

There are many aspects where the show can improve itself. The series has already completed 3 seasons and still has not been able to make a place for itself despite having really good casting lineup. Here are few things I disliked and aspects where I feel that the show can improve itself.

  1. The CGI scene where the season had its best action sequence was also the scene where we got to see some bad and roughly finished visuals. When the atomic bomb explodes inside the tunnel and the mountain range falls down, the quality of the CGI was really poor. And in some scenes where there was a Helicopter scene, it mostly looked fake.
  2. The storyline made it really confusing to keep a track of who the Russian soldiers are whenever we see the present timeline. And it gets added up with the government officials shown in the series which makes it even more confusing as they hardly have enough screen time to establish themselves and they have a great role to play.
  3. There is a lot of lazy and boring writing done by the writers that make the audience feel sleepy and disinterested while watching this season. Although this has been throughout the second season as well, at least this season was much better than the last time.
  4. The show aims for being an action-packed, mysterious and engaging show but it fails to deliver in all aspects of it even after having such immense talent on their hand. Only if Amazon Prime could change or inspire director, writers, and showrunners and could get them to make their stories far better from what it is right now, maybe that could bring a new life to the series. Or else, I don’t think the cancellation of the entire series is far from how it is currently performing.
  5. Even when the series introduced its main villain as Alexei Petrov (Alexej Manvelov), the writers never gave him enough screentime to build his characters enough. We don’t even know who exactly his allies who supported him in such a big and vast objective, which surely could not have been of only 3 people. Even by the end, we had confusion in understanding who exactly Alexei was and when we did about him completely, the season was already at its end episode.

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