TVF Pitchers Season 2 | Review, 5 things I liked and disliked about it

TVF Pitchers Season 2


When an investor deal falls through, Naveen decides to pivot their company. Employees resign, their product fails, and personal relationships go through several tests.

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The story of TVF Pitchers continues after a 4 year span from the last time we saw all four in the year 2015. The last time we saw the pitchers, the squad was of 4 people consisting of Naveen Bansal (Naveen Kasturia), Yogendra/Yogi (Arunabh Kumar), Jitendra Maheshwari (Jitendra Kumar), and Saurabh Mandal (Abhay Mahajan). But this time despite the success the pitchers had in the last episode of Season 1, this season the squad is missing Jitendra, and no one talks about it openly.
The squad of 4 people having a product and looking for investors is progressed further to a company of 24 workers working together to take ‘Pragati’ (the name of the company of pitchers) to higher levels. For achieving greater heights, the trio of Naveen, Mandal, and Yogi are looking for investors and partners who could invest more in their company so that the pitchers can expand their business and make the business a top-level product-selling company of the entire country, India.
Now how will pitchers manage to gain more investors and partners in their firm, and will their company survive the harsh battles of the corporate world is portrayed in the second season of TVF Pitchers.

TVF Pitchers - Season 2 - Episode 3 - The Sprint


After having the best season 1 in the year 2015 and setting up a stage for streaming services of India to bring on the talent and showing the world the quality India can bring to its viewers even if the writers and not backed and supported by big Indian producers, Bollywood and various other film and TV industries.
The second season somehow does not deliver up to the standards that were set by TVF and Pitchers first season itself. The biggest disappointment was of Jitendra missing out in the entire season and that too was not discussed and explained to the viewers. We can understand that ‘Jitendra Kumar’ has been bagging many offers from web series of TVF and many other Hindi movies as well.
Despite of Jitendra’s absence, TVF tries its best to keep the series going. TVF takes a good step by not giving all the glory to our pitchers but shows the realistic world where our pitchers are still struggling to make it big even after they have expanded to a small start-up company. Pitchers go through a race against time where if they are not successful in bagging a deal of investment or partnership with a big giant or well-established company, their company will run into losses which will lead to the shutdown of Pragati.
Although the 5 episodes of season 2 are shown in a time span of a few days, it would have been better if TVF took time in explaining the events that were held between the time period of 2015 and the present day in TVF Pitchers.
At last, the time limit of an episode has been extended from 40 minutes per episode in the first season to 1 hour an episode in the second season. Music and songs have been underutilized in the second season. We heard some gems in the form of songs in the first season from Vaibhav Bundhoo, who made a really good atmosphere and experience while watching the show. The ending of the show was underwhelming after a showdown we saw in the first season.
If you have watched the first season of TVF Pitchers and have been a fan of TVF ever since, the second of TVF Pitchers will really disappoint you because of the standard TVF has set for years in their various series like Permanent Roommates, Aspirants, Trippling, Kota, and many others. So before watching the second season of TVF Pitchers, keep your expectations low.

TVF Pitchers Season 2

5 things I liked about TVF Pitchers Season 2:

Not all was bad for the second season of TVF Pitchers. There were many things that TVF nailed perfectly in the progression of our pitchers. Anyhow, here are the things I liked in the second season.

  1. The struggle to make it big and make it count continues for our protagonists. Not everything is good, and not everything is bad. TVF balances it perfectly for the pitchers, who keep on pitching their product and ideas to various investors.
  2. The return of the Dungeon Master (Arnav Bhasin) was one of the best scene and character entries in the series. He is the kid whose computer was bashed out completely by Jitu at the end of season 1. Watching him grown up, behaving well with the pitchers, and still being excellent at what he does was a brilliant hoax pulled off by the writers. And then the way he unfolds his interest of grabbing 30% equity share of Pragati made the viewers furious.
  3. The main antagonist of this season Prabhas Mehta (Sikandar Kher) had a really well-written script. He was shown as a fearsome competitor to founders of Pragati. No matter what idea or deal pitchers came up with, Prabhas Mehta was there to snatch it from his competitors. Although at the end of the season, we got a happy ending where the head of KC Enterprises (played by Ashish Vidyarthi) gets back with his original planned partners, Pragati and teams up with them to build the future ahead.
  4. Maanvi Gagroo returns as Shreya, Naveen’s partner. Maanvi’s return does make it feel like she will surely be in the third season and will also have a good role in it. In the first season, she left for United States of America and since then, Naveen and Shreya had not been in contact. By the end of the season, Shreya gets back to Naveen and meets him in his new office.
  5. The real-life aspects of how a startup works are brilliantly shown in the season. In the first season we saw the charm and energy of taking a simple idea and turning it into a start-up. This season we saw how a team of a small start-up has to work together to build the road of success for the future of the firm. Also the financial problems a new upcoming business goes through.
TVF Pitchers Season 2 stills

5 things I disliked about TVF Pitchers Season 2:

There are many aspects where TVF failed to deliver and maintain its potential in season 2 of TVF Pitchers.

  1. As I mentioned in my review section, Jitu missing from the series was a big disappointment. Jitendra Kumar has been a star ever of the web series ever since we saw the first season of TVF Pitchers. Jitendra has been on the ladder of success and has made a name for himself. And that too was extended by not discussing and letting the viewers know about what was the reason for him missing and not being available in the entire season. Till the last minute of the last episode of season 2, I kept anticipating and wishing for Jitu to return back.
  2. Under-usage of music and songs which defined TVF Pitchers originally. Although the music and songs were from the same songwriter and singer as season 1, Vaibhav Bundhoo. We did not get to listen to any magical album or even a single this time.
  3. The characters have not been built well enough to make the audience want more of them. It might be because there were many characters introduced in this season because of which the writers might have fallen short to build more of the existing characters. Every character, except Naveen and Mandal, felt like had a lot to say but were fallen short because of the limited episodes and time.
  4. The cinematography of the series remains average throughout the season. There were no exceptional shots in the entire time span of the second season. Every aspect of filming remained decent and did not even have music to back up the above average cinematography.
  5. The lack of backstories and directly introducing them to the main story felt weird. VC Prachi (Riddhi Dogra) who is one of the investors in Pragati worked in a firm but we never get to know what’s her organization’s name or who even is her boss. The same goes for many other start-up founders like Ravi Ram Rastogi (Gopal Dutt), and many others who are running their start-ups and are a competition to Pragati but are never introduced well enough. Also, no one knows exactly what the AI of Pragati does and how it helps students and online learners.

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