Fight Club, Review and 5 things I Liked and Disliked about it

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Fight Club | It's Review Time


A disillusioned office worker finds an outlet for his pent-up feelings when he and his mysterious new pal Tyler Durden start a violent underground society.

IMDB: 8.8
Rotten Tomatoes: 79%


The movie’s main cast has “Edward Norton” as “The Narrator”, “Brad Pitt” as “Tyler Durden” and “Helena Bonham Carter” as “Marla Singer”, along with “David Fincher” as the director of the movie.
The movie straightaway starts from shows us the Narrator being in trouble and facing Tyler while pushing his gun in his face and explaining to him his bombing plan.
From there we directly shift to the scene of a rehab where we see the narrator hugging another man and there are other people as well. And a few seconds into the scene, the narrator takes us to another scene where we see him in his office and starts describing his problems from the beginning so that we, the audience can understand the story better.
And then from here, we see how the narrator struggles with insomnia, and how his lack of sleep affects his daily life. Later we see him in many situations and meeting a few more people. He meets Marla Singer in rehab and later he meets Tyler Durden in a plane who makes and sells Soap.

Fight Club | It's Review Time


It is surely one of the weirdest movies I have watched till now. And also, it is one of the manliest movies that exist in the world. It is something every boy used to do whenever there were boys similar to our age and we had nothing to do and a lot of space to play on.
Well, the movie is one of a kind and where we follow the Narrator of the movie for more than half of the duration, and then we start to realise that while the Narrator has been delusional all this while and Tyler Durden was just his imagination as the Narrator had been suffering from insomnia and depression, the Narrator developed “Dissociative Identity Disorder“.
The movie starts off with a very interesting scene, though it gets a bit boring and sluggish when the Narrator starts describing his problems and what he has been suffering through because of lack of sleep. Though in just a few minutes the movie picks up a rapid pace as soon as Tyler Durden appears on screen and the movie starts to pick up a really interesting plot. Well, initially, or rather more than half of the movie we do not realise what actually is happening but even the plot of Narrator and Tyler building a “Fight Club” and discussing the way of life and what society implies on ‘us the people’.
The movie has a really good pace which will keep the viewer interested in every moment that takes place in the movie. The background music keeps us engaged and the charisma Brad Pitt brings in the role of Tyler Durden keeps the eyes of the viewer glued to him the entire time he is on the screen and as soon as the plot twist arrives, everything and every aspect the creator and director gave in to us suddenly blows up when the Narrator realises about the things that he has been imagining and the mess that he has created.
In the overall context, I have never watched any such thing in any other show or movie. Yes, there were a few shows and movies similar to Fight Club in which the protagonist suffered from mental disorders like ‘A beautiful mind’ but nothing matched the intensity and storyline like “Fight Club”.

Fight Club | It's Review Time

5 things I liked about Fight Club-

I don’t know if I can write down all the things I liked about the movie in just 5 pointers but here is my take about the 5 things I liked about the movie.

  1. I can not emphasize it enough but this movie has one of the best plot twists that I have ever watched in a movie. I never expected the plot of the movie to take such a twist ever, Tyler Durden being an imaginary friend of the Narrator and everything both the Narrator did to build the club and such a big force and members of Fight Club was all done by the Narrator himself all alone.
  2. The casting of Narrator and Tyler Durden was spectacular, though I can’t say the same for Marla Singer but she did good with the limited role she had. Narrator (Edward Norton) does an incredible job while narrating the story to us, making us feel how it feels to be an insomniac and how boring life feels for someone who is in a constant schedule of working and hardly has any other hobby or friends to enjoy his time outside work. Whereas, Tyler makes us feel how interesting life becomes when we break out of the shackles of society and do whatever feels good for us.
  3. This movie is for someone who loves to see the brutality of life. Though the movie is not just limited to the aspects of life but the fight scenes in the movie are really immersive and get brutal as well. The director does not shy away from showing how brutal a raw and basic fight can get. The movie does not have a fight that might seem professional or sportsmanlike but the fights we sometimes get to see on roads or in clubs.
  4. The morals Fight Club talks about for people who tend to chase the personality that society implies on men is a real eye-opener. The way companies market their product for people who have models showing an image of how successful, how fit, and how good looking they are and use a certain product is how it influences the mindset of people. The movie questions that ideology that why we need to be successful, superfit, and super-good looking to accept ourselves the way we are. Why can’t we be someone who we want ourselves to be or like a person in real and normal life?
  5. David Fincher proves again that no matter what story he is provided, he will always give us a gem of an experience. This director hardly ever disappoints his audience and he has enough ability to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats with something or other interesting going on.
Fight Club | It's Review Time

5 things I disliked about Fight Club-

Well, the movie was so well directed and developed that it is tough to pick things that I disliked about it. Still, here are the things I disliked about the movie.

  1. The movie has dark cinematography. It might have looked good on a theatre screen or will look good on an HDR screen, LED, OLED, or many high-definition screens out there but if your display even lacks a bit, your viewing experience might not be as good as there are many shots in the movie that are dark and dull in viewing and many shots are taken in night time as well.
  2. When the movie progresses and moves further to the plot where we see the Narrator suffering from a mental disorder, the movie tends to lose its grasp from the main plot where they were initially building a fight club and were trying to get in as many people as possible. Although, the members still do have a plan which they keep on continuing, but we lose the aspect of fights happening.
  3. Somewhere or other, we have seen this happening and carried forward again and again where men turn violent and go against the world and its order of working.
  4. I would have wished to see more of Marla Singer and her quirky lines. Her role was quite limited and she hardly had any screen time. There is also no other woman who has a role in the movie. The whole movie revolves around men, clubs and offices, and companies.
  5. Although we see Tyler Durden saying that “we do not talk about Fight Club” but he still wants to gather more and more people in it and make it a unit while expanding it. That later seemed to be illogical that if one does not want to talk about it, who can one plan to expand anything or even gather more people for it.
Fight Club | It's Review Time

Future for Fight Club:

Although the creator of Fight Club, “Chuck Palahniuk” and “Cameron Stewart” did create the second and third parts of Fight Club but as of now, there are no plans for director “David Fincher” to return and carry on the story of the first movie any further.

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