Sony and Amazon are making multiple live-action shows based in Spider-Man Universe

Spiderman Silk

According to the latest rumors, Sony is in talks with Amazon for creating multiple live-action series based on the Spider-Man Universe. The show will be based in the Spider-Man Universe, the same as the Spider-Man of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Production of the series will be held between MGM Studios and Amazon Prime. MGM was acquired by Amazon early this year, so most likely, we will get to watch the series on Prime Videos itself.

The first series will be ‘Silk: Spider Society’ based on the character of Cindy Moon who gets her spider powers and is called Silk. The show will be developed by the show-runner of The Walking Dead series, Angela Kang, alongside Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. As of now, there are no rumors regarding the casting of the series.
Cindy Moon made her debut appearance in the comics in issue number- 1 of Amazing Spider-Man (Volume 3) in April 2014. And as Silk in issue number- 4 of the same comic series.

Although characters like- Peter Parker (played by Tom Holland) will continue his venture with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Miles Morales is having his own animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie series, Eddie Brock as Venom (played by Tom Hardy) in his own Venom movie series.