Marvel Studio’s rumored to have casted Bob Odenkirk for Wonder Man series

Bob Odenkirk

Marvel Studios is rumored to have reportedly been in talks with one of the best on-screen lawyers from ‘Breaking Bad‘ and ‘Better Call Saul’ actor- ‘Bob Odenkirk‘. The actor is rumored to be casted for a secret role that Marvel has not revealed yet to anyone.

Marvel recently got their lead for the series. Bob Odenkirk was under the radar of Marvel for a long time now. Whoever has watched Breaking Bad, knows the potential Bob Odenkirk has to bring magic and charisma to his acting and character no matter even if he is playing a side role.
Rumors are that we could see Bob Odenkirk play the role of the manager of Simon Williams/Wonder Man. In the comics, ‘Neal Saroyan‘ was the manager of Simon Williams who first appeared in issue number 1 of Wonder Man (Volume 2), but years later, he was also killed in issue number 5 of Wonder Man (Volume 3).
If Bob Odenkirk is coming into the MCU, I would not want to see him getting killed. As a big fan of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, I would love to see him popping up here and there, and maybe someday interact with Kingo and his manager Karun (from Eternals).