Freddy trailer released, movie will be released in December, trailer review


Kartik Aaryan’s new movie ‘Freddy’, trailer released by Disney Plus Hotstar. The movie will be released on 2nd December 2022.
The movie’s cast includes Kartik Aaryan in the lead playing role of Freddy. The movie also includes the likes of – Jennifer Piccinato (playing the role of Avan Unawalla), Alaya Ebrahim Furniturewaala (role is yet unknown), and Tripti Agarwal (who will be portraying the role of Alaya’s mother in the movie).


Freddy, is an introverted person, professionally a dentist who keeps his thoughts and emotions to himself. We see him occupied with a plastic model of a plane, which he is painting right at the beginning of the trailer. He also seems to enjoy his own company. And as the trailer ends, we see Freddy dragging someone’s body.
Kartik Aaryan has mostly done comedy movies that haven’t been too impressive and have somewhere stereotyped him for a particular genre. He seems to be trying something different this time as well. The last attempt he made in the genre of thriller was ‘Dhamaka‘ which was not much enjoyed by the viewers, but still holds a decent rating on IMDB of 7.1.
There’s a CGI scene in the trailer where he is floating while holding the balloons. I have to say it but that scene looks terrible. Hindi cinema wants to use CGI shots but is not investing and working to make the scene look better. Indian audience has been acclimatized with big-budget Hollywood movies and even the movies that were made in South Indian languages and had amazing CGIs along with storyline like – RRR, Bahubali, and more. Hindi cinema needs to treat its audience with more maturity and not take them for granted. Hindi cinema has been witnessing a backlash from the audience because of its poor scripts and has not been learning from it yet.