Studio Ghibli makes a Star Wars film, released on 12 November

Star Wars Ghibli

After a long time staying away from any project and secretly working under the radar of the media. Studio Ghibli launches its short-film project with Lucasfilm, Zen – Grogu and Dust Bunnies.
After their last decent venture in the year 2014 with ‘When Marnie was Alive’, Studio Ghibli tries to make a comeback with Lucasfilm and Star Wars with a short film. Though their movie in 2020 – ‘Earwig and the Witch’, was not successful, neither did it claimed any good response from critics.

The movie film is released as a Disney Plus short as the entire duration of the movie is of 3 minutes. The movie revolves around the little adventures of Grogu and his Dust Bunnies.