Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania | Trailer 2 Released, Review


As we approach closer to the release date of the third installment of the Ant-Man movie, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.
The release of the first trailer a couple of months ago, and revealed many things about the upcoming movie.
So let’s check out the second trailer of the movie.

Trailer Breakdown:

The trailer starts from a few similar shots we saw in the first trailer of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. We see Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) receives a call from his daughter, Cassie Lang (Kathryn Newton) and later we see similar shots from the first trailer of the experiment Cassie conducts that leads to getting everyone being sucked into the quantum realm.
Later we hear, Janet van Dyne (Michelle Pfeiffer) warning someone, maybe Scott in the background and we then see her warn Scott that Kang (Jonathan Majors) can not be trusted. So further in the trailer, we see that Kang and Scott Lang have made a deal that Scott gets him something that Kang needs, and Kang will rewrite history so that Scott can get to spend more time with his daughter, as after the snap by Thanos, his 10-year-old daughter (in Ant-Man and the Wasp), is currently 18-years-old in the Marvel Universe (confirmed by the director, Peyton Reed).
So later in the trailer, we see that Scott gets whatever Kang required but instead, Kang takes his daughter away as we see Kang take Cassie away from Scott and he argues with him about the deal they made.

MODOK, Ant Man Quantumania

A few seconds later we get to see MODOK, one of the most popular villains in Marvel Comics and even the cartoons of Marvel. MODOK will be played by Corey Stoll, who played the role of Darren Cross / Yellowjacket in the first Ant-Man movie and was sent to Quantum Realm by Scott Lang.
Later we see, Ant-Man / Scott Lang having a one-on-one fight with Kang and it seems like Kang is brutally beating him up. And in one of the last shots of the trailer, we see countless numbers of Ant-Man, in a dark place trying to reach back outside into the quantum realm. And then at the end, Kang’s team preparing for some war in the background where Kang fires up his weapons.

Kang, Ant Man Quantumania

Trailer Review:

The trailer looks good and even better than the first one. After watching the trailer, it looks like Scott has been craving for the time he lost during the blip that he could have spent with his daughter, Cassie Lang, as we see Cassie has not had a decent life while growing up in teenage and we even see her getting out of prison. We see the city in the trailer, which could be Chronopolis but is not been confirmed by anyone yet, so we will have to wait for the movie to know if it is Chronolpolis, a city made by Kang the Conqueror.

Scott Lang Duplicate

The scene where we see Scott Lang getting a duplicate from his own body was a really amazing scene to watch. It also looks like a power given by Kang to Scott so that he can complete his mission and complete his deal.

Scott running rings

We even see a scene where Scott is running and there are some rings hovering over him. The inscriptions on the rings look really familiar to the rings we saw Shang-Chi wearing in his movie. So could this mean that those rings were also made by Kang and given to Shang-Chi’s father?

Ant Man, Cassie, Kang, Modok

Everyone was skeptical about how MODOK will look like in the live-action movie, but I think the creators and VFX team have done a really good job in the creation of MODOK. But without mask, the face of Corey Stoll looks really weird and stretched out.

Kang vs Ant Man

Later when we see Scott Lang and Kang fighting, we see that Kang’s suit has been torn apart and broken. So something really damaging must have happened as in the comics, Kang’s suit is really durable and can sustain a lot of damage. And maybe that is the reason why Kang is fighting hand-to-hand with Scott, but even in that Kang is really good and well-trained in combat fighting.
At last, I wish the movie doesn’t end with a cliche of love, hope, and belief and instead has a good dark ending from where we could see them warning other people on Earth-616 about the dangers that could come for the Avengers.

Spoiler Alert

And as for the scoopers and insiders, there are many rumors out on Reddit and Twitter that the variant of Kang we see in the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will not be killed and instead escape after being defeated by Ant-Man. And later, he will return as the Beyonder in the Avengers: Secret Wars with upgraded powers and a new suit, also the role will be continued by Jonathan Majors himself.

The Beyonder

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania
will be released on
February 17, 2023